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Want to know about self-driving cars?   Or the latest in consumer tech?  What is real…  what isn’t … when it comes to the technology that will shape the future?

Techstination is our flagship program.  We bring listeners full interviews and daily sixty-second reports on the latest in gadgets and gear.  They hear from the people behind the products.  What makes them unique?  What makes them better?


Fishkin Media worked with Princeton University’s leading voice in autonomous vehicle engineering to create the Smart Driving Cars Podcast.  Fred co-hosts with Alain Kornhauser, the university’s faculty chair of autonomous vehicle engineering.

Today, it reaches thousands and is where discussions that really matter can be heard each week.

Then there’s the What’s Next…Living Longer, Better, Smarter podcast created with Mary Furlong and Associates.  Fred co-hosts with Mary exploring the intersection of longevity, aging and technology.


Others have turned to us as well.  Like the bicycle retailing industry when they wanted to create a podcast to promote an upcoming convention.   Fred has provided voice overs for a wide range of commercials and Web sites as well to the popular America’s Test Kitchen podcast “Proof”.  Find more at

Want to put us to work for you?  There are Techstination advertising opportunities available along with our podcasting and voice-over services.   

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Podcasting Services

From start to finish, we can work with you to craft podcasts that are informative and compelling.   Podcasts can help you connect to your target audience….large or small.    But to be effective, it has to be done right!

Experience Matters

Fred Fishkin has worked as an award-winning broadcast journalist at CBS, Bloomberg, NPR and more. He is a skilled interviewer, always curious and eager to delve into all things new! His daily online and on-air Techstination reports have been informing listeners on the latest in consumer technology for more than 25 years.

We can work with a limited number of companies when it comes to podcasting, but if you think we’d be a good fit, get in touch!



One of the keys to great voice-over work is understanding the message. Every word. Every syllable. Matters.

Our voice-over work is heard every day. Online. And on-air.

And we can help with more than just a voice. We can help craft your message and provide just the right sound with music, editing and more. Want to hear?