Who we are

Fred Fishkin has been covering the tech revolution for decades, bringing the voices of change makers to millions of listeners.

A little background….

Okay.   There’s a lot of history behind that voice and microphone, but we’ll keep it brief.

​Fred Fishkin’s career in broadcast journalism  led from radio stations in New Brunswick, Toms River and Newark,  New Jersey to WCBS NewsRadio and Bloomberg in New York City.  It meant Fred learned from the best.   He covered everything imaginable.   From mayors, governors and  presidents to princesses and pop culture icons.   From the joys of tickertape parades to the tragedies of a space shuttle explosion and the attack on the twin towers.  And everything in between.   There were fun stories with people from every walk of life…to serious stories that broke all of our hearts.  For his investigative journalism, Fred won the Edward R. Murrow award from the Radio and Television News Directors Association.

​And in the early 1990s, he forged a new beat.  Creating a daily report on the technologies that were emerging that would change our lives in ways that once seemed impossible.  Email, the Web, cell phones, digital cameras.   They were first in the hands of only a few.

But millions heard about them on the BootCamp Report .

​Companies like IBM and Time Inc. along with CBS Radio turned to Fred to tell their audiences about the revolution that was underway.   And his reports were among the first that could be listened to on the Web.   And on the other side of the microphone were long lists of people who were creating this new world.  Bill Gates.  Steve Jobs.  Jeff Bezos.  Sergey Brin.  Michael Dell.   James Dyson.  Colin Angle.   And on and on.

​Fred still produces a daily report, now called Techstination.  The world of technology is still new.  Every day.   Artificial intelligence, self driving cars,  robotics and more are poised to disrupt all over again.